Underfloor heating solutions, Hydronic and electric

Underfloor Heating: Finding Your Fit

9 August, 2017 (10:24)

It’s an increasingly popular feature, especially for tile and stone; but when it comes to underfloor heating, one size does not fit all.

For this very reason, Schlüter-Systems offers a variety of solutions—all of which make light work of an installation. An important point to note is that the two system technologies available on the market today have differing benefits and features; here’s a brief guide to cut through the noise.

Why use electric?

Electric systems are ideal for providing additional comfort in specific areas or rooms. There are a couple of reasons why electric systems are best used in this way, namely the cost of electricity and the characteristics of the heating experience. An electric system is designed to raise the temperature of the surface rather than the room, so is an enhancement to as opposed to a replacement for a primary heat source. They are generally cheap to install, quick to warm up and easy to retro-fit.

Your electric solution: Schlüter®-DITRA-HEAT-E
Schlüter®-DITRA-HEAT-E is the perfect integrated electric solution for the heating and protection of tile and stone coverings. The uncoupling matting prevents cracks in the finished installation and eliminates the need for self-levelling, and its unique studded design means that the cable is easily pressed into place with no need for tape, glue or measurement. Provision of the mat and cable as separate elements means that the heating system can be custom designed around the features of a room, ensuring the most efficient use of materials and saving on running costs.

DITRA-HEAT-E is available in kits or as individual components, for maximum flexibility, and can be used to heat both walls and floors for that added touch of luxury. Dependent on your project requirements, it is available with standard DITRA-HEAT or with DITRA-HEAT-DUO matting, the latter of which offers an integrated thermal break and impact sound reduction of up to 13dB (perceived as a 50% reduction by the human ear).

Why use hydronic?
Hydronic (or ‘wet’) systems are ideal for large scale coverage and ‘whole-space’ scenarios. Designed to heat the air within a room as well as the surface covering, they are a primary heat source and can therefore replace radiators, connecting directly to a boiler. Although installation is more expensive than with an electric system, running costs are cheaper. Hydronic systems can be powered by a number of different fuel sources, including ground source heat pumps, and as well as warming a space can also be used for gentle passive cooling during the summer months.

Your hydronic solution: Schlüter®-BEKOTEC-THERM
Schlüter®-BEKOTEC-THERM is the patented hydronic underfloor heating solution with an ultra-low construction height. A screed height of just 8mm above the studs of the panels is all that is required, which results in quicker warm-up times as well as considerable material and weight savings in comparison to other wet systems. A building can also be put into use more rapidly as there is no need to wait weeks for the screed to cure before tiles and stone are installed.

BEKOTEC-THERM can be configured to work with Building Management Systems (BMS) and a number of variants suitable for retrofitting are available. Schlüter-Systems can also provide a full design service for all BEKOTEC-THERM installations, with our experts ensuring that the system is used to its full potential.

All of Schlüter’s products are designed to work together—you can use DITRA-HEAT-E in partnership with BEKOTEC-THERM, to further elevate the underfloor heating experience.

Schlüter-Systems Ltd is the UK market leader in systems for the support of tile and stone installations. As well as underfloor heating systems, the company offers uncoupling and waterproofing substrates, movement joints and an extensive range of profiles.

For advice when installing Schlüter products, please email tilers@schluter.co.uk.