New Products Autumn 2016

23 September, 2016 (09:35)

This Autumn we have a selection of new products and updated features for existing products designed to make your life easier.

We are continually improving our system-solution offering including the introduction of, Schlüter®-TRENDLINE coloured textured finishes for the Schlüter®-QUADEC, -RONDEC and -JOLLY profile families, Schlüter®-DESIGNBASE sleek modern decorative skirting now available with an integrated cable channel, and new updated controls and thermostats for both our underfloor heating systems Schlüter®-DITRA-HEAT and Schlüter®-BEKOTEC-THERM.

Our linear drainage system Schlüter®-KERDI-LINE has also been updated to ensure that it complies with BS EN 1253 and is in compliance with National House Building Council (NHBC) regulations to offer a complete system solution.

Further information can be found on our website from Monday 26th September – just CLICK HERE.