Your new tool for bath and shower tray sealing

17 October, 2017 (15:54)

We’re delighted to introduce yet another new product to add to your tiling toolkit! Schlüter-KERDI-TS is the newest addition to the Schlüter’s range of waterproofing membranes and is a special band purposefully designed to target the tricky meets between bath and shower tray edges and tiling.

Silicone is a standard feature in a bathroom, but as any of us know it can peel and debond through cleaning and day-to-day use. Schlüter-KERDI-TS provides an extra line of defence, should silicone fail and water threaten to seep through to the wall behind. Installed behind the tile, this new product incorporates three distinct zones to then secure the joint — KERDI fleece membrane, a fleece-free zone for the adhesion of KERDI-FIX elastic sealant adhesive, and a self-adhesive sound insulation strip that attaches to the edge of the bath or shower tray.

Step 1,2,3

Step 1.) Clean the tub or tray edge with included cleaning wipe
Step 2.) Fix the included corner protection squares onto the tub or tray
Step 3.) Fix the sealing tape around the edge of the tub or tray

Step 4,5,6

Step 4.) Plaster the top of the seal to the wall using KERDI COLL-L
Step 5.) Clean the gap and seal with KERDI FIX
Step 6.) Install cut-protection device (Schlüter-KERDI-CP) and silicone, or your selected connection profile (Schlüter DILEX-AS)

Your next steps after the installation of KERDI-TS:

– If opting for a silicone joint, the cut-protection device Schlüter-KERDI-CP can be installed to protect your waterproofing membrane from knife damage when the time comes to refresh the silicone.

– Alternatively, the joint can be covered with the maintenance-free connection profile, Schlüter-DILEX-AS. A joint of approx. 2-3mm should be left between the tile and the profile and completely filled with grout.

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