5 Things you need to know about… DITRA 25

17 November, 2017 (14:51)

Our Schlüter®-DITRA 25 membrane is a multi-talented product, and was first introduced way back in 1987. Our best seller has five key features — uncoupling, crack-bridging, waterproofing, equalisation of vapour pressure and load distribution. We won’t go into incredible detail (that’s what our datasheets are for), but here’s a quick lowdown:

Uncoupling: Your substrate will expand and contract at a different rate to the covering above. If the two layers are adhered directly to each other, it becomes a bit of a battle—one which your tile will lose. DITRA 25 is installed as a layer between the tile and the substrate to neutralise tension and prevent cracks and debonding of the tile.

DITRA 25 bridges any stress cracks in the substrate, preventing them from transferring through to the covering.

Waterproofing: If moisture or aggressive substances are within the substrate, they can cause tiles to become debonded. Properly installed (with all joints, wall to floor transitions and connections to building fixtures sealed), DITRA 25 functions as a waterproofing layer to keep moisture from the surface out, once and for all—ie. within showers and other wet areas.

Equalisation of vapour pressure: The interconnected air channels between the cavities on the underside of the DITRA 25 matting remain open. This allows moisture in the substrate to evaporate, therefore neutralising vapour pressure. In addition, when used over hydronic underfloor heating— such as Schlüter®-BEKOTEC-THERM—these channels aid even heat distribution.

Load distribution: The bottom of the square cavities of DITRA 25, when filled with tile adhesive, directly transfer the load impact on the tile covering through to the substrate. This means that tile coverings installed on top of DITRA 25 are highly load-resistant and durable.

Reading about our products is one thing; we can also show you how they work in person! To learn more about DITRA-25 and all of our other products, look out for our 2018 training days which you will be able to book soon.