Schlüter TRENDLINE Tile Profiles

3 Ways to Tile with TRENDLINE

19 February, 2018 (09:53)

Since it was introduced in 2016, this useful range of trend-led textured finishes for wall profiles has proved incredibly popular. Originally available only for the JOLLY, RONDEC and QUADEC ranges, TRENDLINE extended its reach in Autumn 2017; its ivory, stone and dark grey anthracite finishes can now be applied to the internal wall corner profile, DILEX-AHK.

So how can you tile with TRENDLINE? Here are a few ideas…

Complement patterned tiles (above, left)

There’s already a lot going on with a patterned tile installation, and a standard metal profile can distract from the star of the show. Why not see if any of our TRENDLINE finishes match one of the colours within the pattern? The result will be a more harmonious installation.

Create a blended installation (above, top right)

For visual flow in an installation using one tone of tile, match the colour of your profile to your tile. TRENDLINE currently has 10 different colours to choose from, inspired by current tiling trends, so there’s a great chance you’ll find a match.

Define blocks of colour (above, bottom right)

With TRENDLINE, you can clearly define different areas of an installation, whilst maintaining an overall feeling of unity. This installation uses three complementary tones of tile, which have been perfectly matched with TRENDLINE finishes for a minimalist feel.

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